Monday, March 7, 2011

No more countdowns in the title! Eck!

Heyyy guys. It's me, with my entire wardrobe at hand.  You guys won't even recognize me, do ya? Well what was the first thing I wanted to wear? Jeans that aren't skinny. Yayyyy wide leg again.  Like I said yesterday I'm a hippy so today I'm channeling that.

For some reason I love this combination.  Its casual but it was easy to put together. But I just love how accessories make this outfit. 

Speaking of accessories...take a look at that new watch baby! My gift to myself for surviving.  So I fell in love with a michael kors watch...but hey now I can't spend 300 on a watch..then you all saw my love for the gold watch on here. also had a rose gold watch that I slowly started to fall for. Well ladies I saw this one that I have on for 24.95 at a store in my mall and just had to have it. It's love you guys. The real kind.

Shirt: Cotton On
Belt/shoe: Aldo
Jeans: Forever 21
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Aldo
Bangles: Forever 21
Watch: Francesca's 

Hope you guys have a lovely Monday!


  1. That watch is SO cute! I am going to go to my Francesca's asap!!

  2. Congrats on finishing the 30 x 30 remix!! It's always exciting to be reunited with the rest of your closet, no?

    Lovin' the pop of color from the necklace and ring. :)

    katrina of the demure muse

  3. Love the jewelery. Great score on the watch!

  4. love that ring! I have a great giveaway going on! 2necklaces and a foulard!Please, come follow me...

  5. love how your jewelry pops against that outfit! turquoise is the absolute best <3