Sunday, March 6, 2011

30/30 We did it!

Cant believe this is number 30. Yay you guys.  I feel accomplished and relieved! The other half of my closet and shoe collection will be so happy! They've felt incredibly lonely lately.  I'm going to go hug all the rest of my clothes....ahh..much better. And they feel loved again.

Going for a bit of the military look to round out the 30!  But of course had to be a bit of a lady so I added the skirt and the knee highs with--check it: hearts on them! Who said love and the army dont mix. What can I say I'm a bit of a hippy :)

(P.s the knee highs are actually tights I cut and rolled up...crafty eh?)

Shirt/Skirt: Forever
Knee Highs/Boots: Aldo
Sunnies: Forever
 (even though it was cloudy I needed to rock the aviators..duh)

I feel a little like a 50's pin up postery on the last one. Am I giving myself way too much of a compliment? Perhaps but I love it. I felt adorable yet tough.  Which is a great way to end the weekend and the 30!

I have to say I can't believe it's over.  Had some tough times and a lot of days when I didnt post on the right day (sorry bout got in the way) But I had a lot of days where ya'lls comments got me through a rough day at work and what not so you CANNOT imagine how much I appreciate all that jazz.  I'm excited to have the rest of my closet to play with now..You guys don't even know what cute stuff I have in store for ya'll!

P.P.S Tiffany from A Reason to be Fabulous gave me an awesome shout out today so I'm returning the love.  She wrote an awesome "why I remix" when this whole shenanigan started 30 days ago and ended it today with a lovely recap of the whole thing.  Go check her out, cause she's awesome. And she know's color better than my color theory teacher in art school. AND sews some of her own clothes which still blows my mind. I'm sold. 

With that I leave you ladies.  Hope you had/have/are having an awesome 30....depending on where are you in the cycle. Taught me a lot which I'll recap tomorrow.  Plus I'll have to come up with some bangin' outfit to impress ya'll since I talked pretty big a few paragraphs up there.


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  1. 1. congrats!!
    2. i'm in love with your hair
    3. you have amazing legs, too