Monday, February 21, 2011

21/30: Nothing says Lady like lace, pearls, & ripped denim

Happy Monday guys! Hope it goes swimmingly and quick!  Took me FOREVER this morning to pick out an outfit.  I hate when that happens, mostly because it means my room looks like my closet purged itself of all the no's.  I felt like one of those paper dolls this morning.  I decided on jeans and a white tee and a scarf..then wasn't feeling the white tee or scarf. So I was left with jeans.  But still wanted white. So I perused my 30 for 30 section of the closet for other white options. So I rolled with the lace and picked some pearls for a necklace.  The I just kept going and this is the result. Like?  I'm kinda diggin it which surprised me. Anyway good luck on this monday!

Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Steve Madden
Watch: Aldo
Necklace: Wet Seal 


  1. I love that bag! It's the perfect size and the detail is very cute. Great combination with the lace & pearls :) (fellow 30x30 remixer)

  2. big fan of this look. Oddly enough, I am wearing a similar outfit today for my 30 for 30 remix!

  3. Very cute. I love feminine dressy tops with ripped jeans. :)

  4. Cute! I love that white top. I feel like you just described my every morning standing in front of my closet.