Sunday, February 20, 2011

20/30 Blue Skies & Sunshine

Hey guys.  How was your weekends? Do anything fun? Besides my fantastic margaritas day I just worked and hung with my girls which was perfect and relaxing.  The sun is certainly out and the warmth has come back to florida.  Spring will be here for a few days and next thing we know it'll be 99 and humid. Yay.  I talk about the weather too much. Feel free to tell me to stop. Yesh. 

Sorry the second picture is kinda goofy.  I wanted to show my bangin' earrings.  They rock but oh man are they kinda painful.  They don't feel heavy till your earlobes are the ones holding them up. Opps. But I do love them and had a short day at work so I decided to go with the pain for a few hours.  I normally don't do big earrings but these I just love.

Enjoy the last few lovely hours of your weekend ladies. Bring on another week!


  1. Love the earrings! The second pic isn't goofy...Its totally cute!

  2. Those earrings look great with all your beautiful hair!!! I think longer earrings look awesome with girls with longer hair (my personal opinion)