Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sorry I'm being so gosh durn lazy with cooking lately!! Today I made muffins for breakfast, blueberry but alas they were from a mix so there's no recipe to post. I've recently realized how much food I've accumulated over the past four years. Even from moving from dorm to apartment, to apartment to studio I have a TON of food to use. Considering I'll be moving (again!) in the next month or two, I really should be using more of what I have and not buying more. (What a thought, eh?)

Maybe I should have made this blog in using food I already have making it a challenge and perhaps I'll start doing that in the coming weeks. Should be interesting considering the strange mix of things I've been hoarding.

I meant to post last night because I made some homemade pasta. Scratch that word homemade...I made a pasta meal but with boxed pasta. But didnt use any recipes, just wanted to mix some of the stuff I had in the fridge. I had some shallots, green onion and garlic so I sauteed them while the pasta was boiling and cooked some chicken and added the sauteed mix. Then I added some fresh rosemary and basil. My thyme died the other day...well not dyed, it didn't look too good so I had to toss it. I'll be going to the farmers market on Saturday morning so I'll look for some more thyme. To be honest I think I bought the wrong kind of thyme! Didnt realize it but there are so many type of thyme! At the market, silly me, I didnt do all my research and found that once I got home I had picked up creeping or woolly thyme. Which after some googling I found isnt normally used for cooking. So perhaps it died because it knew I didnt want it as much as my lovely basil, rosemary and oregano. RIP woolly thyme.

Anyway, man I really get off track easily, I mixed the pasta and the chicken herb mix and it smelled delish and garlicky! I then made the mistake of adding a little bit of red sauce. MISTAKE. Not that it was bad, but man I should have let the herbs and garlic mix with the chicken because it was subtle and amazing at the same time. So I'll def make it again, perhaps give you guys a proper recipe and photo! So I learned a lot, that my love for sauce might be dwindling and replaced by other herbs and delicious flavors!

So kids, not a lot for you all today. That's it! I'll be heading to the market Saturday and I'm going to get some rhubarb and strawberries for a pie! Should I do strawberry Rhubarb pie or Raspberry Rhubarb pie. Hmmm either sounds yummy! Till then-Cheers!

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