Tuesday, March 1, 2011

27/30 Slouchy at it's best

Man you guys I'm exhausted this morning. Doesnt bode well that I have a double to work today and tomorrow. So here's to redbull ladies.  But besides redbull the things I'm loving this morning are my new nail polish from Aldo.  It's called circus elephants...kinda love it just for the name and my snake ring! Love!

Sorry pictures blurry, my camera and I were both sleepy this morning.

Shirt/Jeggins: Forever
Nail Polish: Aldo
Boots: Aldo
Ring: Charlotte Russe
Necklace:  Forever


  1. I love this slouchy look, it says casual and comfortable to me. Throwing on combat boots gives any laid-back look that effortlessly cool vibe.

    Do you have a twitter? I ask because Im linking you on my 30x30 recap post (going up tomorrow) and when I post the link on twitter, I'll @-mention you in it. For the exposure and all.