Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8/30: Lil Birdies

Hey it's not raining in Florida right now. Yay. Oh but wait, its a wee bit freezing.  Now when you read that and go oh hey lil girl you floridians don't know what cold is...why yes I do. I lived in upstate New York and did an exchange in Finland for a year, so I'm familiar with cold. And how did it make it all the way to the sunny south? Granted I wouldn't wear an outfit like this in Rochester or in Scandinavia...so maybe dressing for the weather is slightly different but I swear my blood has thinned. Because I'm going to go check the current weather and its gunna say 50 and if you had told me its 50 while I was living in Rochester I woulda had shorts on and skipped class to lay out in one of the quads....Ahh perspective.

Okay I checked...its 43 feels like 39. Hokay makes me feel a little better about being cold.  Brrrr. So I'm working open to close today because we're short staffed. So today could either be awesome or terrible. Shall we take bets?  Hopefully awesome, I can't take a terrible day. Because I feel cute and I wanna go out to lunch with friends and have a fabulous day, not stand in a store waiting on people for 12 hours. But such is life. People need their shoes, like me :)

Wanted to show the pattern on the dress, why I bought it. They're darling lil birds. :)

This dress makes me wanna twirl :)

Dress: Cotton On
Belt/Shoes/Bag: Aldo
Socks: Target
Sweater: Target

Bye lovelies! Have a good Tuesday. See you in an easy breezy twelve hours. 


  1. you are adorable :) love that color blue you are wearing!

  2. I have been buying lots of bird patterned clothing too, I just bought two different shirts from Forever 21 with little birdies on them! You look so pretty today and hope you are still loving the new hair color:)