Thursday, February 24, 2011

24/30: Time Flies

Well time really hasnt flown since my last post about 2 seconds ago. But I meant in this 30 for 30. When did it get to be 24 days into this month and into this challenge? Craaazy. Anyhow I wont keep you long, mostly because I have to get to work now but I thought I'd post this at least before I went.  I thought dress today since it's so warm out but black dress? Yikes. Hot outside.  I'm like a magnet to the sun with this blackness. So I thought I'd spring it up with a lil flowery belt and bird necklace.

Dress: Forever
Belt/Shoes: Aldo
Bag/ Watch: Aldo
Great Weather: Florida!

This weather is gorgeous so I wish I could stay out by that pool and enjoy it but I suppppooose I'll go to work.  What about you ladies, how's the weather where you are? Making it hard to go into work? Yea I hear ya there! Well as long as we're all in this together. Ready. Set. Go!

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