Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/30 When Life Gets in the Way

I had plans today. You guys do that right? Last night I had planned out all this stuff I was gunna do when I woke up early. I don't have to go into work till 2 so I had time for my plans. And then life got in the way.  I woke up this morning with a migraine. Ugh. Not a great way to wake up because it just ruined my day, my plans. I was going to bake mexican chocolate brownies this morning (read: chocolate and cayenne flakes IN brownies...genius!) I was gunna clean and do laundry and feel accomplished before I went to work. But then Mr. Migraine ruined all that. Darn him! I suppose my delicious lovely brownies will have to wait for tomorrow, I'll leave the recipe here if it turns out well because I know you guys will want to bake some too.  So for brownies, just an outfit post.

Today was another day that Florida got in the way of my outfit plans. There is a breeze which makes me feel okay about wearing boots when it may hit 65 or 70 today.  To all my dears stuck in snow up north I'll try and send this warm weather your way...cause to be honest I'm not ready to box my boots up for the season!

Dress: Forever 21
Belt: Aldo
Tights: Aldo
Boots: Aldo
(Yes I have an Aldo problem but hey I work there!)

Had to be a little silly with that last one. My head hurts too much to be serious today. So very sorry to anyone who meets me today and thinks my migraine has caused some kinda of delusion, because I'm pretty sure it has.  Now I'm going to go get the biggest red bull they make and give this migraine the caffeine kick of it's life!


  1. Love your style and cannot wait to follow you through the rest of the 30x30 challege! Good luck!

  2. love the tights and good call on mixing black and brown.

  3. Really cute tights with the boots! And what a great background!

  4. LOVE this outfit, especially those delicious boots and the patterned tights. Simple, stylish and chic. As WORD on the "not ready to box up the boots" sentiment, I will wear mine until I can't handle the heat anymore.

    Also, I'm kind of obsessed with your photography page and also really stoked to have a fellow Jax blogger. Do you know of any others in the area? I feel like for such a huge city we have very few active style bloggers and I desperately want to organize a meet-up.

  5. i love this outfit!! it all works together so well, and you are so beautiful! great style & blog. looking forward to seeing more! :)

  6. Girl you are stunning!!!! I am in love with your hair!