Thursday, February 10, 2011

10/30: Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

This outfit is slouchy and lovely, just how I feel. The weather makes me wanna not look cute and go to work, I would like to stay in sweats. So jeggings are the answer to wearing sweatpants to work.  And blogging world, I'd like you to meet my boots. Boots, Blogging world.  Now we're all introduced. When these boots arrived in our store everyone loved them and I thought cute.  I could never pull them off though. Well this is me pulling them off. Ha!  I would never imgaine me in combat boots but now I can't imagine life without them. Fabulous!


So I know you all know Sydney at The Daybook who does awkward and awesome Thursdays, so I've decided to finally join in the fun and awkwardness.

-This weather, one day I'm fah-reeezzzing and then next I'm in shorts and the next day it rains. Fl make up your mind.
-Having a customer ask if I was pregnant, considering I've recently lost No that would be my food baby, thanks for asking tho.
-Being proposed to while at work, by a stranger. Yeaa I'm good thanks.
-The word awkward...I'm not a fan and I always feel like I'm spelling it wrong.
-The picture where I'm trying to look tough, scratch that..the two pictures where I'm trying to kick ass in my combat boots when it looks like I couldn't hurt a fly.

-It almost being the weekend.
-Netflix: I'm a recent convert and I am loving it.  If I didn't have a job I would be lying in bed all day and never ever turn off netflix.
-Re watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes. I swear I could rewatch them like its my job. See previous statement.
-My kittens. I don't know if you all are cat people or dog people (I'm both) but my chunky lil kittens are just the bestest.
-The blogging community. You guys rock and I never realized how small and tight knit this community is.  It's pretty awesome, isn't it? Makes me smile.


  1. hehe love your post!! and your cute slouchy outfit!! the more i see awkward the more i think it is spelled wrong too!!! i just did my first awkward and awesome post today too!!

  2. Cut outfit.
    Netflix is a dangerous thing. :)

  3. Your hair is AMAZING! and those boots are fantastic!
    (found you on the remix list!)