Monday, January 31, 2011

My 30 for 30

 mdeerToday was one of those days. A certain day to make me doubt myself and my confidence took a bit of a hit.  So do I feel like prancing around in front of a camera? Not particularly but I'm going to anyway.  This challenge is about stretching your creativity to the limit so why not push yourself in other ways. So I'm going to put it behind me and just look forward to tomorrow, which is another day, another month and....the start to the 30 for 30!

So here are my choices for the next 30 days:

Okayyyy so this last "plus" section are in fact a part of my 30.  They have all been ordered and I am just awaiting their arrival. If the shorts or dress don't fit right or I'm not lovin' em I'll swap them that cheating? Well too bad. I found these online and just had to have them...but no more shopping for the next 30 days!!

Overall I didn't have that much of a problem picking the 30, I think my biggest problem was wondering about the weather.  I haven't lived in Florida in "spring" in a few years so will it be 30 degrees or 90? I just don't remember. So this will be interesting.  I'm also worried about my one sweater choice.  I had a fabulous mustard yellow sweater that went missing that I miss with my whole heart. I might swap something for a black sweater just to be safe...but who ever said a challenge was supposed to be safe? No one. So let's remix it up!


**Ugh I just spent the last hour second guessing myself...I'm a little nervous about this...I'm switching a shirt out for a black sweater, and black heels for one of the shorts that I ordered**

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  1. yay! hello fellow 30x30 remixer! great picks. it'll be fun! :)