Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I lied. . .

Don't worry I'm not starting off our relationship on a major lie...I just lied that tomorrow would be my first recipe..but tonight I made a simple linguini dish with a spicy basil marinara sauce. I wont embarrass myself with putting up any pictures or the recipe. Since A.) I graduated with a photography degree and taking pictures with a point & shoot puts me slightly to shame. B.) Let's face it, pasta is pasta and by posting pictures or the recipe you wont automatically be inspired like DaVinci to create an Italian masterpiece. And C.) I didnt use a recipe...and I would be worried if I had to considering the contents of said dish were pasta, sauce (gasp store bought), herbs, garlic and salt & pepper. So why do you ask am I sitting on my laptop again blogging about a dish that was I'll admit very.... simple...because I would like to introduce you to my friends...fresh herbs

Now ever since I was young I've loved to cook. Usually in families either the mom or the dad is the one who did the cooking, or one was superior. I lucked out considering both parents are great in the kitchen. BUT what I can now teach them is holy mother of god plant some fresh herbs. My dad makes an excellent pasta dish with a delicious red sauce. I have now figured out the way to make it better. FRESHNESS. I've recently decided I have a green thumb. Which is hard to believe considering I've managed to kill not one, but two cacti. Not even just killed, but they turned gooey and imploded. Now thats talent. So going from that....to an herb garden...seems like a leap. But hey I'm trying here.

So I went to the wonderful farmer's market Rochester has to offer and went to a vendor that has flowers, herbs, and everything else a green thumb needs. And from cacti killer I now have a window box with my very own herb garden. So far I'll call it a mini garden and only have Basil, Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. What should I add next? I'm thinking of going back to the market this week to get some Chives, Mint, Dill and Lavender. I would love to add a ton more but I'm living in a studio and my kitchen is mini. So I'm not sure if I have the space to add a ton more, plus I'm afraid I might morally offend my kittens Pete & Gus for taking away their window space.

That being said I'm quite excited for this project so I can use more of these fresh herbs! The pasta sauce tasted SO much better using fresh herbs and if there's one easy thing you can do to make all your dishes taste instantly better...just go with fresh herbs!


  1. Yay Meryn! Keep up the hard work! :D

  2. I think chives, mint, dill and lavender sound great. A word from one gardener to another, keep your mint in a separate container, they are the bamboo of the aromatics world. (That means they grow quickly and overtake free space in a moment!)

    Yay, go Meryn.

  3. I've heard they grow like crazy so I have a separate pot for the mint already! Yay thanks guys!