Sunday, February 6, 2011

6/30: Superbowl Workday?

So unlike the rest of America I will not be drinking beer, eating fatty foods and watching men jump on each other. Well I will later but I have to go to work first.  Who will be at the mall today? I think it's gunna be all the wives of the men who are sitting at their buddies house reenacting their college days.  Don't get me wrong I don't dislike football or the superbowl I've just never been a sports/football fanatic.  But hey girls who are you rooting for today? Anyone? No one? You know who I'm rooting for? Me, so that I can make it through the day.

Happy Sunday Funday dears!

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Aldo
Belt: Forever 21 (came with one of the shorts I got!)
Purse: Aldo


  1. I love the dress, simple but lovely. Neither myself or my boyfriend are sports fans. We are going to the library and watching Netflix.


  2. I could care less about the Superbowl BUT I cannot wait for all the awesome commercials!!! Cute dress...

  3. a. You're adorable in general.
    b. I just got home from work (I work next door to a grocery store) and all day people were buying their game day snacks and talking with me about said game... which I will not be watching.
    c. Hope your day goes/went well!