Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye 2010

HELLO out the there. Don't mind the suddenreturn to the blogging world. After a few days (cough months) of leave. I do apologize. Had a bit of life sorting to figure out. And guess what, I didnt sort much. But the end of a year and the new sense of renewal makes people (me) believe they can do whatever they want. Loose 100 pounds, fly to the moon, or in my case blog more consistently...

2010 was a good year. I think. It was a great year in fact. I had so much fun with the best friends and family a girl could ask for, AND I graduated college? Yes please. Granted there are always hardships but they only make the good times seem better and makes me want to appreciate them more!! This decade was one of the worst in history for America but hey me? I did okay. I "graduated" 6th grade, moved on to [and more importantly survived] middle school, moved up to high school, decided to move out of the country at the age of 17 to study abroad in Finland, started college and received my BFA this past may. PHEW. Im exhausted just reading all that. What great times. When I look at all that I really am so grateful and thankful. I'm truly blessed.

So with all of the 00's behind us, onto the next. And with that comes resolutions. I don't know if I'll remember them, to be honest I don't think i usually make it to February with a resolution still in mind. But hey this way if they're on here, on the inter webs, I have a constant reminder.

So here they are:
(Note: the follow list is subject to change and/or addition but not to be subtracted from!!)
-Keep a gratitude journal
-Start (and finish) P90X and ENJOY it
-Stop drinking soda
-Blog more, which wont be hard since my current blogging is Zippo
-Dont be afraid/Don't worry
-SAVE my money not SPEND it

Thats what I've got so far, too much? Sounds like I'm on a path of total righteousness and a zenlike state? Well that's laughable, if I can complete just ONE of these for the whole year I'll be impressed. I honestly don't know what will be the hardest. I'm quite the worrier, but this girl loves her coke zero.

So it begins. We have a fresh start. So here's to the adventure that is 2011. Cheers!

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